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It is all about good relationships, and trust.

We are only as good as our last job. We are here to guide you, help you and bring your ideas to life. Below are provided testimonials by past Prinston Homes clients.

Dave & Emine Crowe
Hayes Line, Cavan

My husband and I purchased our first Prinston Home nine years ago in a new subdivision in the west end of Peterborough. I know everyone has heard the phrase "you will know if you love a house from the moment you walk through the front door", well it's true. The house was gorgeous!! The details of the house were unique, the finishing touches spectacular and the floor plan was spacious and welcoming. We knew immediately that we had found our future home. It was the first home that we have owned that I can truly say we loved from the moment we saw it.

In 2011 we were given the opportunity to purchase some land and build a custom home. With great reluctance we listed and sold the house that we loved so much in only one week. I guess there was someone out there who loved the house as much as we did.

So without hesitation, we contacted Eddy and Bob Prins of Prinston Homes to discuss having another home built by them. We spent many weeks with Eddy working on the house design, getting every detail just right. We felt very comfortable dealing with them and it was very reassuring to have a builder who was willing to work so closely with us to create the exact home we were envisioning. Both Eddy and Bob strive to build a home that is a true reflection of you and your lifestyle, and they involve you in the home building process right from the initial design straight through to the furnished product. Their homes are distinguished and of the highest quality and they take great pride in the work they do. They are customer-focused and overall just great people to deal with.

We would recommend Eddy and Bob Prins of Prinston Homes to anyone who is contemplating building a new home and we would definitely build with them again. We love our new home even more than our first Prinston Home. It is magnificent and has surpassed anything that we could have ever imagined our house would be! Prinston Homes truly does build "the home of your dreams."
Brian & Kate Graham
Carveth Dr., Millbrook

In 2008 with our first child on the way we decided to look at new homes in the west end of Peterborough. After visiting several model homes in the area and not finding what we were looking for it was suggested that we take a look at Prinston Homes. We visited one of their model homes and immediately liked the layout and were impressed with the quality of construction. After meeting with Eddy and making some changes to suit our needs we signed a contract and construction started soon after. The construction went well and we moved in ahead of the original closing date.

After living there for a few years we still loved our home but with three children now we wanted more space, so we started looking at properties outside of the city and in August 2012 we bought some land just outside of Millbrook. Building a home on our own land was new to us and we really weren't sure of where to start. We started calling some local builders and met with a couple to discuss our ideas. While they seemed reputable we just didn't feel comfortable with them. We called Eddy and arranged a time to meet him at a home they were just finishing. The home had a lot of the features we wanted, and more importantly we immediately felt comfortable with Eddy. We spent the next several weeks meeting with Eddy to review different plans and sending him photos of things we liked so we could create a design that would work for our family. Eddy was very patient and willing to incorporate our ideas in the design and suggested ways to improve on our ideas or make them more cost effective.

After a few final adjustments we finalized the plans and construction started in the spring of 2013. Construction progressed quickly and even with a few issues outside of their control our new home was completed on schedule. Throughout the construction both Eddy and Bob were always available to answer questions, they kept us up to date on the progress and even helped with selections. Throughout the whole process of designing and building our home it was evident that Eddy, Bob, and their entire team take pride in their work and truly cared about not only about building a beautiful home for our family but making it an enjoyable experience.

Since moving in we've been thrilled with our new home and have received numerous compliments on it. If we ever build again I'm sure we'll call Prinston Homes and would definitely recommend them to anyone looking to build a new home.
Jack & Susan Bradley
Overend Gardens

We retired to Peterborough in November 2008 following a thirty-five year career in commercial banking with a major Canadian financial institution. Over that working period, we had the opportunity to travel the country and literally owned many homes from coast to coast.

This is our final home so we gave the Peterborough market a lot of analysis as to what was available in new homes. We eventually chose a Prinston home.

Since November, we have been totally delighted with our new home. In particular, we believe that Prinston Homes excels in (a) the quality of construction and materials; and (b) the care and interest that Eddy, Bob and Sonja Prins - and their families - take in the home-owner, both before and after the sale.

We recommend a Prinston home to anyone and urge people to get out and due some comparative shopping. They will find that, with Prinston, you really get what you pay for! Value for money is very important to us and we know that others feel the same.

To the Prins Family - keep up the great work!!!
Lee & Jody White
Round Lake Rd., Havelock

We began our search for a builder in April 2013 and after a few phone calls and one visit we knew we had found the right builder for our custom home. Prinston Homes is reliable, attentive and very personable. We highly recommend Prinston Homes to anyone looking at building a new home or doing an extensive renovation.

"Thank you" Eddy for your design layout and your attention to detail. Our home is beautiful - everything we dreamed it would be. You made the whole building experience an enjoyable and exciting time in our lives.

"Thank you" Bobby for keeping the sub-trades on time and in-check every step of the way. Also, thanks for always keeping us up-to-date via text when we were unable to make it to the construction site and especially for getting us into our new home on time. Deadlines were met and work was carried out according to schedule and in a most professional way.

A special "thank you" to your foreman Matt & your employee Scott who put in many hours working on our home and also "thank you" to all the great sub-trades. All of their hard work is appreciated.

A custom home is a reflection of who the homeowner(s) is and we would like to thank Prinston Homes for integrating our ideas and building our beautiful new home.
Ken Marentette
Melody Cres., Peterborough

Relocating from out of town to Peterborough we were under pressure to find a home in a short time frame. After looking at numerous new and existing homes we were becoming frustrated at the lack of quality and workmanship. Going through a Prinston model home changed that. We found a builder that had an eye for detail and seemed to care about quality. They built us a home in a short time frame that we could be proud of.
Brian & Laura Lauzon
Cahill Dr., Peterborough

The first time we built our own home it was with Prinston Homes and it was an excellent experience from start to finish. We had a custom plan that they helped us build through so that we could have all of the features that we wanted. They were even able to add a pool and a pergola to finish off the backyard. I would not hesitate to build another home with Prinston Homes should we decide to build again. Even if it was purchasing a resale, we would look for a Prinston home because we know it would be built right and the quality shows throughout. Thank you again.
Rose Gibbons
Pinehill Court

From the moment we had our first meeting on building our home we knew we had the right builder. We had an excellent dialog on our plans and Eddy's input and suggestions we well appreciated. Our experience with Eddy and Bob of Prinston Homes solidified even more when we saw the quality of construction on the house as it progressed. The finished house was excellent in every way and we did not have one call back for any problems with the house. After one year we had only four drywall pops in the entire house which were fixed. Our home is now eight years old and is like the day we moved in, no issues with anything. We have and will in the future recommend Prinston Homes as a quality home builder.
Ed & Lynne Lacey
Keppler Cres., Peterborough

We purchased a Prinston Home in 2007 and were extremely satisfied with the complete process from design to completion to minor fix ups. During the design and building process Eddy and Bob Prins were a great help, providing advice on potential changes to the plans and ensuring that any changes in costs were disclosed upfront so we didn't have any surprises. Our home was completed on time and the workmanship and quality of materials was excellent. We would highly recommend Prinston Homes to any of our friends who were planning a new home.
Robert Behan
Ravenwood Dr., Peterborough

When we decided to purchase a new home in Peterborough we wanted a builder who had earned a reputation for building quality homes. After investigating several builders, we choose Prinston Homes and selected a model based on the desired square footage. We met with the builder and discussed a number of changes to the plan that we wanted. Surprisingly, most if not all of them were accommodated, with no extra cost. This gave us the chance to personalize the plan to our particular style. After moving in, I had a number of questions and found Prinston to be accessible and responsive to my inquiries. Our family is very satisfied with our home. The Prinston Homes people are very nice to deal with and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to any potential buyer. I know we made the right choice.
Ted & Jen Reading
Mile of Memories Rd., Havelock

When we asked Bob and Eddy Prins to build our new home, we were thrilled at what could be done. We found both guys very approachable and understanding. They gave us ideas that we never even thought of. They worked with us to get us the home we wanted. We were constantly kept up to date with progress reports. Everything we were told was done on time. Building our home was an exciting and wonderful experience. The house closing process exceeded our expectations, and we moved in before our move in date. We love our new home. Thank you Bob and Eddy for making our new home a stress free build.
Jennifer & Robert Eggleton
Milroy Dr., Peterborough

My Husband and I purchased our Prinston Home in October 2007. We looked around quite a bit before we made our decision. This was going to be our second house, so we had more knowledge going into purchasing this property. Our primary focus was to have a company which would provide us with a quality home and be available if we had any concerns once we owned the property. Prinston Homes were able to provide us with both. As part of purchasing a new home all home buyers receive a warranty program for 7 years, we found it to be limited. Prinston Homes were more than willing to go above and beyond to take care of any concerns, regardless of their contractual agreement. They are also a local company, so we didn't have to worry about them picking up and moving to another city or not being able to contact them.

Last but not least, our house is beautiful! They were more than accommodating with our ideas and were very patient with us while we made our decisions. If we have the opportunity to purchase another home in the future we will definitely consider them.
Sharon Kaye
Milroy Dr., Peterborough

I was somewhat ambivalent at having my new home custom built by a private builder. However, after doing some research on Prinston Homes, I discovered that Eddy and Bob Prins are one of the most reputable homebuilders in the area where I chose to live. My apprehension was completely alleviated once I began consulting with them on the many custom features I wanted to have incorporated. They were approachable, knowledgeable and patient, and I am enormously pleased with the outcome. I have been living in my new home for two years now, and I can't say enough about the materials and workmanship and the wonderful view out my living room!
Karl McFadden
College Park Dr., Peterborough

My wife, Helen and I are pleased to write a testimonial letter for Bob and Eddy Prins of Prinston Homes because we were thoroughly pleased with our home and the building experience. Our house here at 1626 College Park was built in 1999.

We were reluctant to have a second home done by a builder as our first experience in doing so was not pleasant. However, from the beginning of meeting with both Bob and Eddy we felt comfortable and were rewarded with the most satisfying home. Briefly, this is why we were so pleased with Bob and Eddy. Their various sub trades all provided quality workmanship. Their choice of plumbers, bricklayers, painters and electricians in our estimation were excellent. Both men were thorough, punctual and accommodating in communicating with us throughout the process. Eddy is very creative and often had alternative ideas that we accepted. The house was built on time and met our deadline. Both Bob and Eddy were not rigid in working out modifications as we proceeded. Another point - the house under construction was quite tidy and clean. Prinston Homes built OUR custom home and not a home they could have built quickly and efficiently for themselves.

After our home was built we felt comfortable to suggest Prinston Homes as a builder to other friends and some had homes built by Prinston Homes with the same satisfying experience. Lastly, long after the home warranty had expired we mentioned a minor concern to Bob and Eddy and they returned to make the improvements at a fair shared cost.

Our first home building experience was not happy. Our second home building experience was excellent because we dealt with a quality, caring, and respectful builder - Prinston Homes.
Helen McFadden
College Park Dr., Peterborough

One day, with nothing better to do I went to a few open houses on a Sunday afternoon. I had no intentions of selling our house and certainly not having another house built. As soon as I walked into a Prinston Home I had a good feeling, I loved the house! When I got home I could not forget the house and soon got my husband to take a look. He felt the same as I did and we decided to build that house with changes that suited our needs.

Building a house can be very stressful, however our experience proved to be most satisfactory and rewarding. We found Eddy Prins to be very accommodating and helpful. He is very creative and knowledgeable in his field. His trades did a wonderful job and provided quality workmanship. Our house was built on time and we were most happy with the whole experience. That was ten years ago and even two years ago we had Eddy in to correct a minor concern. He did so willing regardless of the fact that the home warranty had expired.

Since then we have recommended Eddy Prins to friends and they have had their homes built by Eddy and his brother Bob. Their experiences were similar to ours. We are pleased to be a reference for Prinston Homes.
Kevin & Shelly Durand
Melody Cres., Peterborough

When arriving from out of town we looked at different builders and were very impressed with Prinston Homes and the crew that they employed. You could see the quality of the builder immediately upon entering the model home. Having built several custom homes Prinston Homes rates one of the best. From start to finish they were open and available for questions and suggestions.
Helmut & Gisela Krampitz
Danita Blvd., Peterborough

Thank you so much for the excellent service you provided when building our home in 1998. We have had no problems with your workmanship or your co-operation. When something needed to be done, it was done with no delay or excuses. You actually did more than we had expected and we thank you for it. If we were to build again, you would be the one we would contact first.
Ron & Lisa Freer
Carson Court., Peterborough

Thank you for the great job building our home. As you know, we are in the construction industry and are used to hearing all the many problems that people experience with their builders. We were very surprised and delighted how smooth the whole process went. You allowed us our creative input with both your patience and expertise. We loved the results in our new home.

We would recommend and have recommended you when clients have asked us about builders. Again thank you for a job well done.
Dave Morello
Naish Dr., Peterborough

In 2004, my wife and I decided it was time to build our dream home. We owned some property in Peterborough, and began the search for a quality custom home builder. Several months were spent interviewing builders and contractors. We had built 5 homes previously, had knowledge and high expectations.

We aggressively searched for the right builder. Prinston Homes was that builder. Dealing with Eddy and Bob Prins was a fantastic experience. Our early discussions made us feel good about the home building process. We spent countless hours together, working with blueprints, talking, and sharing ideas. The patience Eddy and Bob showed was remarkable.

As the stages of the home building process progressed, from pricing to final completion, each stage had us feeling more and more confident that we made the right decision.

Eddy and Bob Prins were there for us every day, always in contact. We felt very comfortable, discussing things, asking questions, making changes, etc. Prinston Homes was extremely accommodating, and worked with the highest standards.

Construction schedules were kept, quality of construction was second to none, pricing was fair and as discussed months previously.

If we were to build another home, without any hesitation we would hire Prinston Homes.